Cody Canada and the Departed: Three

Cody Canada and the Departed: Three

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Grade: M (sealed)

The band's first record as a lean power trio, 3 shines a light on the core ingredients of Canada's sound. There's plenty of amplified crunch, Red Dirt twang, roadhouse-worthy guitar riffs, story-based songwriting, and the familiar rasp of Canada's voice — an instrument that's been sharpened by years of raw, redemptive shows. Working with producer Mike McClure, the band tracked their new material during breaks in an otherwise busy touring schedule, approaching the recording sessions the same way they'd approach a live show. 

Cody is one our faves and has actually performed live in our store on two occasions (yes, we're bragging)! 

Also, the cover looks like it has ring wear (we had to look twice), but it's actually printed ring wear, not actual!