Cody Canada and the Departed: Adventus

Cody Canada and the Departed: Adventus

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Grade: M (sealed)

Adventūs is the band's sophomore album and the first to feature all original material. This 2012 double-LP comes with a card for a free MP3 download of the entire album.

Cool back story behind the cover art: 
The picture was taken by Carl Dunn. He shot it at his first Led Zeppelin concert that he was allowed to shoot up close. The concert was in Ft. Worth and the show was SO loud that some of the cops working security started putting bullets in their ears as ear plugs. Peter Grant, Zeppelin's manager, saw this and wanted Carl to shoot the picture to which he was going to add the caption "FIRE". He sent this image as well as five others to Jimmy Page. They didn't end up using the photo all those years ago. Cody and the Departed are friend's with Carl and had the opportunity to use this incredible image.

Track Listing:

Worth The Fight
Prayer For The Lonely
Blackhorse Mary
Hard To Find
Cold Hard Fact
Set It Free
Better Get Right
250,000 Things
Mark It Wrong
Sweet Lord